Tudor Dixon is a wife, mother of four, cancer survivor, and television news host. She worked in the steel industry for nearly a decade before pursuing a career in public relations and media.

Tudor is running for Governor to turn the page on Governor Whitmer’s record of failure and finger-pointing.

Tudor wants to free Michigan’s families, clean up its government, rebuild its economy, and get Michigan back on top.

She knows that starts with liberating Michiganders from lockdowns, getting students back to school, and men and women back to work.

She wants to unleash Michiganders to innovate, work hard, and reap the fruits of their labor. And she wants to accelerate the future of Michigan’s next-generation – its students – and she will reject the notion that holding them back and stalling their learning is acceptable or good policy.

Tudor is running for Governor because she wants Michiganders to have the tools they need to achieve their American Dream – and for the government to get out of their way so they can.